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Keeping Cool!

22 Aug
Here in Texas, we’re in the dog days — that’s for sure!  We’ve had a few people send in their recommendations for dealing with extreme temperatures when it comes to their greenhouses.  Here are some summer cooling tips for Riga greenhouses in the (very!) hot Southwest —  from George G. in Tucson:
“We purchased our RIGA IV greenhouse on 9/17/07 and have enjoyed it since.  We grow year round in Arizona using a small heater during the winter and an evaporative cooler during the summer… We use the Mobile Symphony ‘Aspen’ evaporative cooler for the hot months.  The model #MMB8 or MMB10.  This is available at your local Home Depot or check online for other options.  This company is based in PHX and has changed owners several times in the last few years.  Just get one with a hose feed, so you don’t have to worry about filling reservoirs if you look at different brands.  Keep things simple.  This model accommodates approximately 700 square feet.”
Best of luck to all of you who are bearing this summer heat with us!

Stories About Our RIGA Greenhouses

29 Jul

One of our favorite things at Exaco is hearing back from customers who love our products.  Even in searching the web, we are able to find many savvy gardeners who have put their own spin on the product and who have blogged/tweeted/uploaded pictures to share with a community of fellow gardening lovers.

In all honestly, this Texas heat has got us longing for winter and so when we ran across these pictures of our RIGA greenhouse, we couldn’t help but repost!

Don't you just love the Christmas lights Karin Kirk hung on her greenhouse?

One of the great things about the RIGA greenhouse is that it will help you grow all those things that you would normally have a difficult time growing during the winter months.  But don’t take our word for it:

“Before we began this journey in 2008, I knew I wanted a greenhouse and that it would expand my gardening possibilities. What I did not anticipate is how satisfying and fun the whole thing would be. I really love gathering food from the greenhouse nearly all year long, I enjoy spending time in there and hanging out with my plants. I like that I can grow really nice, strong plants to plant elsewhere in the yard, and I like that I can experiment in all sorts of ways.”

To see more of the thread where Karin posted her thoughts and photos (there are a lot!), click here.

Sometimes, though, customers will send their photos and stories directly to us.

This one, given all the terrible stories about tornadoes around the country, really stood out when a customer sent it to us this past May.
“It was Wednesday that we assembled the walls and we got it all put together minus the doors and windows before the big storm hit that evening.  Bloomington, IN made the national news due to an F1 tornado that did damage just south of the city and in the city as well.  We live about 8 miles NW of Bloomington and while we had some wind, our main damage came from a long hailstorm with hail the size of 50 cent pieces.  The greenhouse appears to have come through it with no damage whatsoever.

That's some big hail!

We appreciate all your comments and posts, so please keep sending them in.  And to learn more about our Riga greenhouses, check out the page on our site here.
Garden on!