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Our Eco Kitchen Compost Pail named No. 1!

12 Mar

Out of the blue, our Eco Kitchen Compost Pail has drawn the attention of a composter reviewer.

Have a look!


Compost Featured in Cook’s Magazine

18 Jul

This past May, our ECO kitchen compost collector was featured in Cook’s Magazine as a “highly recommended” green way to deal with kitchen scraps!  Below is their description.

Exaco Trading Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

This inexpensive green plastic pail is 8½ inches wide at the base and fits on the counter or in a cabinet under the sink. Food scraps broke down as expected, and odors were completely contained. We fit an average of 12 recipes’ worth of waste before having to empty the bucket. The hinged lid was easy to flick open and closed with a single hand, and the latch kept the lid secure. (A pack of three replacement filters is $7.95; the filter is supposed to be changed every three months.)

Exaco Trading Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

Our ECO kitchen compost is perfect for collecting organic waste in the kitchen so that you can later add it to your larger outdoor compost.  Having one of these around can prevent sending up to 30% of household waste to a landfill!  For more information about our kitchen compost, check out its page on our site here.

It’s wonderful to see that our products are making a difference and being recognized for it.  To see the page where we’ve been featured, click here!