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Vickie’s tips for her Riga XL in Bloomington, Indiana

10 Oct

We continue to thoroughly appreciate and use our Riga Greenhouse.  Here it is
October and we’ve got young tomato plants with large green beefsteak tomatoes on
them that will be ready when the regular garden has been covered with frost.  We Image
put a 5′ Meyer lemon tree in there too and it is doing well.   Also started
pepper plants in July that will be producing all winter.

Getting one of the raised beds ready to sow in lettuces.  Have the same Swiss Chard growing in
one bed that we planted in the Spring of 2011–likewise  with an egg plant–I’ve
discovered things like Swiss Chard, peppers,  and egg plant which are normally
annuals in our growing locale become perennials in the greenhouse.  The egg
plant quit producing when it was scorching hot this summer (as did everyone’s
tomatoes, corn and beans around here this past summer) but now there are about 8
egg plants on it, really nice-sized too. 

Still using the large rain barrel positioned in a corner next to the water hydrant with four goldfish in it
to provide “diluted fertilizer.”  That is working quite fine and is fun for
grandchildren and others too.

-Note: She has been very successful growing Stevia — yes, that natural sweetener — in her greenhouse.

New Cathedral Greenhouse just up in Arizona

8 Jun

Our Eco Kitchen Compost Pail named No. 1!

12 Mar

Out of the blue, our Eco Kitchen Compost Pail has drawn the attention of a composter reviewer.

Have a look!

Nabisco Gets in on the “Grow Your Own” Movement

22 Jul

A mid-day snack today made me aware of just how pervasive the “grow your own” movement is becoming in the U.S.
I was munching some Triscuits and happened to notice the cracker maker now has a “Plant a Seed – Grow a Movement” initiative.

The box has a removable cardboard panel on the back with 10 basil seeds and instructions on how to grow them for fresh herbs. They say they have included the seeds on 8 million boxes, and support the Urban Farming and the Home Farming Movement for community-based home farms around the country.
Nabisco also mentions that there  is a Home Farming Tool online at (might check it out!).
It’s a small step, but a nudge in the right direction.
Makes me proud that we’re helping folks trying a bigger “grow-your-own” movement.
Happy gardening!

Kim Cook